Local in Los Yesos



Direct owner sells commercial premises with 159 square meters in basement on the beach. The ground floor is recently renovated and is only 25-30 meters from the beach. It is a semi-basement but has natural light due to the front windows. No change of use and housing is allowed. Ideal for business related to the beach (for example, rental and sale of aquatic recreations, small boats such as kayaks, canoes or canoes, diving school, nautical and / or fishing articles, etc.). Payment facilities are offered and exchanges / exchanges are allowed for another property of similar value (or of less value, providing a difference in cash). If you can contribute a property with a slightly higher value, we will study the acceptance and payment of the difference on our part. The owner of the bass speaks Spanish, English and German in case there are foreign interested. Price € 120,000. Refrain real estate.


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